Complex Hilt and Straight blade, length over 91cm, and
Forte width no less than 15 and up to 27mm at the cross-hilt

Cruciform, sidesword or basic cross guards (no complex, rapier or basket hilts)
Straight blade, length from 45cm to 94cm – Forte width no less than 28mm at the cross

Longsword / feder:
Straight blade length over 91cm, and
Forte width no less than 28mm at the cross-hilt (or above schilt) (standard feders allowed)

Curved blade length from 45cm to 91cm, and Forte width no less than approx. 20mm at the cross/hilt

 Dagger: Straight blade length under 45cm

Bucklers: wood, metal or polycarbonate, wide edge, no dangerous projections. No more than 40cm diameter.


Approved Weapons Makers

Regenyei, Darkwood, Castille, Danelli, Lutel, Chlewbowsi, Hanwei, Pavel Moc, Black Horse, Tim Harris, Brad White


All weapons and companion items MUST be inspected by Safety Marshall before the combatant is approved for competing in any tournaments at Swordplay 2018.

  • Weapons must fit imitations of reasonable flex and heft per the rules of Swordplay 2018
  • Customised items approved only by inspection by Safety Marshal
  • For questions regarding any items these must be raised / notified prior to event Coordinator (by 20 August 2018 to avoid disappointment).

Blade Flex

Measured with a 1 kg weight hung from the point of the horizontal weapon, the flexibility is between 7-15% (deviation of tip from normal, compared to the length of the blade, multiplied by 100)

  • EG flex at tip of 7 cm for a 100cm blade is 7%

This includes daggers.

 Prohibited Weapons

Hanwei Feder (for Longsword), Bud K – All Blades, Hanwei – Hutton Sabre