Protective Gear

Required Protective Gear

  • Fencing Mask with cover and back of head, or Helmet
  • Gorget: Must be a rigid layer in front of throat (full rigid / steel gorget preferred)
  • Padded Jacket
  • Gauntlets (Longsword requires full rigid coverage)
  • Rigid elbow / forearms and knees / shins
  • No bare skin allowed


All protective gear MUST be inspected by Safety Marshall before the combatant is approved for competing in any tournaments at Swordplay 2018.

  • Armour will have to be inspected as ‘worn’ on the combatant for proper fit.
  • This is as per the rules of Swordplay 2018
  • Customised items approved only by inspection by Safety Marshal
  • For questions regarding any items these must be raised / notified prior to event Coordinator (by 20 August 2017 to avoid disappointment)

Pre-Approved Armour

Rigid Gorget: That Guy’s, Wintertree Crafts, Zen Warrior Armory, DestroyerModz
Padded gorget (requiring additional rigid plate): PBT gorgets, AF HEMA Neck Protector, Red Dragon Throat Protector

Mask: Commercially bought fencing mask, That Guy’s, WMA Shop etc

Gauntlets: (longsword) Black fencer, Comfort Fencing, Neyman Fencing, Sparring Gloves, Koning gloves, SPES Heavy, Neyman, Thokk, Koning

Jacket: Standard gambeson, SPES, Neyman Fencing, Leon Paul

Prohibited Gear

Gauntlets: Red Dragon Gauntlets, Motorcycle gloves, Lacrosse gloves, cricket gloves

(prohibited when presented unmodified, if modified to increase protection where they may pass inspection)