Double Elimination

How the Double Elimination will work in the finals for SwordPlay 2018.

Number of Finalists

At the end of the Pool Play the top two placed competitors from each pool, and enough 3rd placed competitors will be selected to progress to the finals. The number of people in the finals will be as the following.

Number of Pools Number of Finalists Confirmed Additional
4 8 Top 2 None
5 16 Top 3 Highest 4th place
6 16 Top 2 4 Highest 3rd place
7 16 Top 2 2 Highest 3rd place
8 16 Top 2 None

Order of Play

All finalists will be placed into a list placed all first placed pool finishers, followed by second place pool finishers and so on down.

This will form our initial Final Pool A (FPA).

Round One

Using a final of 16 people as an example position 1 will face position 16, position 2 will face position 15 etc. This will ideally be arranged so that you WILL NOT face someone you faced in pool play.

Winners from their matches will stay in Final Pool A, losers will move to Final Pool B.

Following Rounds

Final Pool A will keep pairing off and fighting until there is only 2 people left.

Final Pool B will keep pairing off and fighting, getting new numbers as people are eliminated from Pool at (They will be added to the pool when the numbers are equal), until there is only 2 left.

Winners from Final Pool A will have two lives over the last two sections. That means they can lose any one of their fights and fight it again.

Semi Finals.

Each competitor form Final Pool A will face a competitor from Final Pool B.


The two losers from the semi-finals will face off for third and fourth place.

The two winners will face off for first and second.